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A Bridge to Graduation: Post-Secondary Effects of an Alternative Pathway for Students Who Fail High School Exit Exams
Jane Arnold Lincove, Catherine Mata, Kalena E. Cortes. (2023). Education Finance and Policy

Studying the Superintendency: A Call for Research
Nathaniel Schwartz, Hanseul Kang, Susanna Loeb, Jason Grissom, Brendan Bartanen, Jennifer Cheatham, Olivia Chi, Morgaen Donaldson, Renata Freitas Lemos, Greer Mellon, Susan Moffitt, Aizat Nurshatayeva, Jayanti Owens, Edieal Pinker, Rachel White, Seth Zimmerman. (2023). Annenberg Institute at Brown


Can Technology Transform Communication Between Schools, Teachers, and Parents? Evidence from a Randomized Field Trial
Matthew A. Kraft, Alex Bolves. (2022). Education Finance and Policy, 17 (3), 479–510

On the Threshold: Impacts of Barely Passing High-School Exit Exams on Post-Secondary Enrollment and Completion
John P. Papay, Ann Mantil, Richard J. Murnane. (2022). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Navigating Virtual Delivery of Assessments for Head Start Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Leiah Groom-Thomas, Monica Lee, Cate Smith Todd, Kathleen Lynch, Susanna Loeb, Scott McConnell, Lydia Carlis. (2022). Journal of Early Intervention

More Than Shortages: The Unequal Distribution of Substitute Teaching
Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb, Ying Shi. (2022). Education Finance and Policy

Does evaluation change teacher effort and performance? Quasi-experimental evidence from a policy of retesting students
Esteban Aucejo, Teresa Romano, Eric S. Taylor. (2022). Review of Economics and Statistics


Doc Says: Promoting School Readiness Through a Pediatric Clinic-Based Text Messaging Intervention
Lisa J. Chamberlain, Janine Bruce, Monica De La Cruz, Lynne Huffman, Jecca R. Steinberg, Ren Bruguera, Jaime W. Peterson, Rebecca M. Gardner, Zihuai He, Yesenia Ordaz, Elizabeth Connelly, Susanna Loeb. (2021). Pediatrics, 148 (4)

Elevating Education in Politics: How Teacher Strikes Shape Congressional Election Campaigns
Melissa Arnold Lyon, Matthew A. Kraft. (2021).

Early Lessons from Implementing High-Impact Tutoring at Scale
Sara White, Megan Carey, Annie O’Donnell, Susanna Loeb. (2021). National Student Support Accelerator

Acelero Learning: Annual Report
Leiah Groom-Thomas, Demetra Kalogrides, Monica Lee, Susanna Loeb, Kathleen Lynch. (2021). Annenberg Institute at Brown University

Does the Meeting Style Matter? The Effects of Exposure to Participatory and Deliberative School Board Meetings
Jonathan Collins. (2021). American Political Science ReviewCambridge University Press, 1-15

Too little or too much? Actionable Advice in an Early-Childhood Text Messaging Experiment
Kalena E. Cortes, Hans Fricke, Susanna Loeb, David S. Song. (2021). Education Finance & Policy, 16(2), 209–232

Effectiveness Research for Teacher Education
Heather C. Hill, Zid Mancenido, Susanna Loeb. (2021).


Teacher Accountability Reforms and the Supply and Quality of New Teachers
Matthew A. Kraft, Eric J. Brunner, Shaun M. Dougherty, David J. Schwegman. (2020). Journal of Public Economics, 188, 104212

Does Money Matter More in the Country? Education Funding Reductions and Achievement in Kansas, 2010-2018
Emily Rauscher. (2020). AERA Open, Special Issue Rural Education Finance and Policy

Sustaining a Sense of Success: The Importance of Teacher Working Conditions During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Matthew A. Kraft, Nicole S. Simon, Melissa Arnold Lyon. (2020).

Trump, the Administrative Presidency, and Federalism
Frank J. Thompson, Kenneth K. Wong, Barry G. Rabe. (2020). Brookings Institution Press

Educational Goods: Values, Evidence, and Decision Making - A Summary
Harry Brighouse, Helen F. Ladd, Susanna Loeb, Adam Swift. (2020). Journal of Philosophy of Education

The Big Problem with Little Interruptions to Classroom Learning
Matthew A. Kraft, Manuel Monti-Nussbaum. (2020).

Unpacking the Drivers of Racial Disparities in School Suspension and Expulsion
Jayanti Owens, Sara S McLanahan. (2020). Social Forces, 98(4), 1548–1577

Developing Ambitious Mathematics Instruction through Web-Based Coaching: A Randomized Field Trial
Matthew Kraft, Heather C. Hill. (2020). American Educational Research Journal

Interpreting Effect Sizes of Education Interventions
Matthew Kraft. (2020). Educational Researcher

Trends in Student Social-Emotional Learning: Evidence From the First Large-Scale Panel Student Survey
Martin R. West, Libby Pier, Hans Fricke, Heather Hough, Susanna Loeb, Robert H. Meyer, Andrew B. Rice. (2020). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Funds to Improve School Facilities Reduce Achievement Gaps in California
Emily Rauscher. (2020). Scholars Strategy Network

The Longitudinal Effects of School Improvement Grants
Min Sun, Susanna Loeb, Alec Kennedy. (2020).


Policy Implementation, Principal Agency, and Strategic Action: Improving Teaching Effectiveness in New York City Middle Schools
Julie Cohen, Susanna Loeb, Luke C. Miller, James Wyckoff. (2019). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis