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When Behavioral Barriers are Too High or Low - How Timing Matters for Parenting Interventions
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Stress in Boom Times: Understanding Teachers' Economic Anxiety in a High Cost Urban District
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Strengthening STEM Instruction in Schools: Learning from Research
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Mathematical content knowledge and knowledge for teaching: exploring their distinguishability and contribution to student learning
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Using a Text-as-Data Approach to Understand Reform Processes: A Deep Exploration of School Improvement Strategies
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Engaging Teachers: Measuring the Impact of Teachers on Student Attendance in Secondary School
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Strengthening the Research Base that Informs STEM Instructional Improvement Efforts: A Meta-Analysis
Kathleen Lynch, Heather Hill, Kathryn Gonzalez, Cynthia Pollard. (2019). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Five Ways RPPs Can Fail and How to Avoid Them: Applying Conceptual Frameworks to Improve RPPs
Laura Booker, Carrie Conaway, Nate Schwartz. (2019). New York: William T. Grant Foundation

In Search of High-Quality Evaluation Feedback: An Administrator Training Field Experiment
Matthew A. Kraft, Alvin Christian. (2019).

Testing, Accountability, and School Improvement
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Measuring School Contributions to Growth in Social-Emotional Learning
Hans Fricke, Susanna Loeb, Heather Hough. (2019). Policy Analysis for California Education

School Differences in Social–Emotional Learning Gains: Findings From the First Large-Scale Panel Survey of Students
Michael S. Christian, Heather Hough, Susanna Loeb, Robert H. Meyer, Andrew B. Rice, Martin R. West. (2019). Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics

Differing Views of Equity: How Prospective Educators Perceive Their Role in Closing Achievement Gaps
Emily Penner, Jane Rochmes, Jing Liu, Sabrina Solanki, Susanna Loeb. (2019). RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 5(3), 103-127

Teacher Effects on Complex Cognitive Skills and Social-Emotional Competencies
Matthew Kraft. (2019). The Journal of Human Resources, 53(4), 1-36

Explaining Teacher Effects on Achievement Using Commonly Found Teacher-Level Predictors
Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Mark J. Chin, Heather Hill, Douglas O. Staiger


It’s too annoying: Who drops out of educational text messaging programs and why
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Can Teacher Evaluation Programs Improve Teaching?
Virginia Lovison, Eric S. Taylor. (2018). Getting Down to Facts II, Stanford University

Dividing by Zero: Exploring Null Results in a Mathematics Professional Development Program
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Admission Mechanisms and the Mismatch between Colleges and Students: Evidence from a Large Administrative Dataset from China
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The Intersection of Health and Education to Address School Readiness of All Children
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Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale: Can Personalized Training Become Standard Practice?
Matthew Kraft, David Blazar. (2018). Education Next, 18(4)

The Socialization Areas in Which European American and Chinese Immigrant Mothers Express Warmth and Control
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