Opportunities at Annenberg

The Grant & Finance Specialist provides day-to-day operational support for Annenberg Institute. Provides comprehensive pre and post award support, and financial service support, independently prepare and review sponsored award proposals using knowledge of University and sponsor rules and regulations using InfoEd, COEUS award management systems, Grants.Gov, Workspace, eRA Commons, Fastlane and other sponsor submission tools. Manages a portfolio of sponsored research funding by reviewing, interpreting, and ensuring compliance with award terms and conditions.

The Senior Research Assistant will work closely with Assistant Professor Jesse Bruhn and key collaborators on all phases of the research process: reviewing relevant literature, conceptualizing the research design, implementation, data collection/cleaning, describing the data (e.g. preparing summary statistics, tables, and figures), modeling (e.g. regression analysis), and preparing reports (e.g. slides and research papers).

About the Position

Reporting to the Director, the Director of Quality and Improvement will be accountable for all aspects of the Accelerator’s tool development and technical assistance including:

  • Actively participate in the Accelerator’s Leadership Team
  • Develop and execute the Accelerator’s tool development and technical assistance strategy, goals and objectives and drive the annual operating plan
  • Develop and manage a Practitioner Community of Practice and Tutoring Educator Advisory Group to inform the Accelerator’s work
  • Lead the development of a Tutoring Quality Improvement System including developing a set of accepted standards for high-impact tutoring and additional tools as needed in the field
  • Provide and oversee light-touch technical assistance at the SEA and LEA level for tutoring selection and implementation
  • Hire, onboard, and co-develop appropriate goals for the Quality and Improvement Manager and Program Associate
  • Actively promote a diverse and inclusive environment through modeling, practices and operational systems

The Research Assistant will work under the direction of Professor Susanna Loeb and Dr. Xiaoyang Ye to support research on Effects of High School Math and Science Coursetaking on Students' Long-term Outcomes. In this project, we will be using large-scale nationally representative survey data to examine how high schools choose which math and science courses, when to take them, in what order as well as how these courestaking behaviors predict long-term outcomes in high school and college.

Dr. Matthew Kraft, Associate Professor of Education and Economics, is seeking part-time research assistants to collaborate with him on one or more of several ongoing research projects over the spring/summer 2021 semesters with possibility for renewal/continuation through the next academic year.

Professor John Papay is looking to hire a research assistant to help with conducting literature reviews, doing data cleaning, and conducting statistical analysis. Attention to detail is critical. Applicants with strong backgrounds in Stata are preferred, but expertise with Excel is most important.