Inexhaustible source of water: The enduring Confucian learning model

Jin Li
Year of publication
Education Research Monthly
The Confucian learning tradition has not perished even after deliberate attempts to eliminate it and concerted efforts to westernize education in recent history. This learning model appears to reincarnate across time and space, demonstrating its lasting vitality. The core components of this model are described based on decades of empirical research. The question of why the Confucian model appears to be steadfast no matter what kind of assault directed at it is entertained. The author argues that it is time for Confucian heritage cultures to reflect deeply about why they have been trying to be rid of this learning model, especially in light of perplexing consequences. How to uphold the Confucian model and at the same time to learn well from other cultures is explored.

Suggested Citation

Li, J. (2016). Inexhaustible source of water: The enduring Confucian learning model. Education Research Monthly, 2, 33-41