Educational Justice in the Next Four Years: Post-Election Reflections

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Annenberg Institute

Released just before the inauguration, this special online-only issue of VUE features interviews with key leaders in public education reflecting on what lies ahead for our work in educational justice in the aftermath of the 2016 election. Each interview offers a unique perspective, but a few common themes emerge: that now is a time for action at the state and local level, a time to think creatively about forming new coalitions and developing a new generation of leaders, and a time to ensure that schools serve as safe spaces for all students.

The issue includes perspectives from youth activists, a classroom teacher, a former urban superintendent, a community organizer, university researchers, policy experts, and leaders supporting municipal government and educational philanthropy. Our hope is that these voices provide inspiration, a sense of hope, and concrete strategies for advancing educational justice in the next four years.

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(2017). Educational Justice in the Next Four Years: Post-Election Reflections. Annenberg Institute