Annenberg Theory of Change

The vibrant community of Brown University faculty, staff, and students at the Annenberg Institute partners with education leaders and global scholars to equalize and improve educational opportunities.

Four interlocking areas of work generate our impact: relevant, rigorous research; multi-sector partnerships; civic discourse; and information exchange.

We produce relevant, rigorous research that builds new knowledge of promising educational practices and the conditions that enable students to thrive.

Through multi-sector partnerships that foster trust and reciprocity, we enhance the relevance of our research and mobilize innovations for educational improvement. We identify the implications of research findings for policy and practice through civic discourse among stakeholders with multiple perspectives and a shared commitment to positive change. Synthesizing new knowledge and its implications, we create tools and supports to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders and facilitate a strategic exchange of information.

This broad engagement supports the work of researchers as they build the knowledge base for education policy and practice, and also supports the work of education decision makers as they leverage proven practices that lead to equitable and transformative educational opportunities for students.

Theory of Change