Annenberg Diversity Statement

Annenberg views diversity and inclusion as integral to the pursuit of more just and flourishing societies. We cannot succeed in our mission without representing and elevating diverse voices and experiences.

We develop our core initiatives in response to inequities in educational opportunity and justice, and they bring together diverse perspectives—education and policy researchers, policymakers and practitioners, students and families—in order to more effectively advance our mission.

We also recognize that we cannot achieve our mission without reflecting these values internally. Annenberg is a small but growing organization, and we seek to hire and retain individuals who represent a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Both internally and externally, we strive to enact our commitment to diversity, and recognize that this requires us to continuously assess and improve upon how well we are achieving this goal. Our Diversity and Inclusion Action Planning committee is a core driver of this work. Comprised of faculty and staff across departments and levels of seniority, this working group proposes and supports the implementation of organizational policies and programs to foster an inclusive and representative environment at Annenberg and to ensure that our work in the larger field reflects and advances these values.

DIAP Implementation Committee:
Mary Arkins Decasse
Joshua Bleiberg
Christina Claiborne
Kate Donohue
Jessalynn James
Monica Lee
Jenna Legault, Chair
Sam Madison
Aubrey McDonough
Carrie Nordlund
Maxine Offiaeli
Carly Robinson

2020-21 Training Liaisons:
Jenna Legault
Sam Madison
Soljane Martinez