Annenberg Doctoral Student Seed Funding

Annenberg provides small grants to doctoral students from across the University whose work centrally engages with education (writ large). Grants are typically up to $5,000 but can be larger in exceptional cases. Seed funding can support research, partnership, or dissemination efforts (e.g., conduct fieldwork, collect or purchase data, conduct exploratory research, travel for partnership work, summer funding, etc.). The goal is to seed and support empirical research in education.

Applications will be accepted at three deadlines: June 1, September 1, and January 1. Preference will be given to existing Annenberg Doctoral Affiliates who engage actively in the Institute and to projects most directly tied to the Institute’s goals.

 To apply, please submit an application of no more than two pages describing:

  • A brief description of the project (what work will the funding advance?)
  • A clear rationale for the award (why do you need these funds?)
  • A description of the product(s) that will result (what are the specific products/outcomes?)
  • A timeline, budget and justification (how will the funding be used?)

Send applications to with “Annenberg Doctoral Student Seed Funding” in the subject line. 

Recipients are expected to become Annenberg Doctoral Affiliates, participate in the Annenberg community (e.g., attend seminars whenever possible), and present their work in progress. Award recipients may be asked to serve on a proposal review committee in future years. Students who are actively engaged in the Institute will have priority.

 Note: We will accept off-cycle applications as need arises.