Current Projects

Annenberg and affiliated faculty and staff work on a variety of projects under the SFUSD-Annenberg Research Partnership that examine a broad range of salient topics, from teacher and school leadership quality, mobility, and attrition to student pathways and achievement gaps.

More Than Shortages: The Unequal Distribution of Substitute Teaching

By Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb, and Ying Shi

The Short- and Long-Run Impacts of Secondary Student Absences

By Jing Liu, Monica Lee, and Seth Gershenson

Stereotyped Leaders: How Principal Gender and Race Affect School Choice Decisions

By Demetra Kalogrides, Susanna Loeb, and Jane Rochmes

Teacher Exits and Labor Markets

By Emily Penner and Susanna Loeb

Educators as “Equity Warriors”

By Jane Rochmes, Emily Penner, and Susanna Loeb

Examining Support and Equity for Paraeducators: Evidence Across School Districts

By Susanna Loeb, Min Sun, Zach LeClair, Biraj Bisht, and Erika Byun

Teacher Applicants and Effectiveness

By Emily Penner, Jing Liu, and Susanna Loeb

Is Falling Behind al Relative? Geographic and Temporal Variation in the Earnings Gap between Teachers and Other College Graduates

By Emily Penner, Demetra Kalogrides, and Susanna Loeb

Evaluation of the Safe and Supportive School Environment Resolution

By Jing Liu

Multidimensional Teacher Effects

By Jing Liu, and Susanna Loeb

The Behavioral Effects of Daily Air Pollution on Students and Teachers: Evidence from a Large Urban School District

By Jing Liu, Seth Gershenen, and Claudia Persico