Tutoring can come in many forms — almost all of them good, panel says


Tutoring can be in person or online, after school or during class, tailored to specific homework assignments or cover broad concepts. But no matter what form it takes, tutoring will be the most important factor in helping students catch up academically after the pandemic, a panel of experts told an EdSource roundtable on Wednesday.

“This is the only way we know really to accelerate student learning,” said Susanna Loeb, education economist and director of the Annenberg Institute at Brown University. “We don’t have another option here that really has been shown to work. And as a result, I think it’s up to us to figure out how to get this into the schools.”

School districts throughout California are using their Covid relief funds to hire tutors to help students regain ground lost during remote learning. But a limited hiring pool, as well as the eventual end of Covid money, has left some districts scrambling for alternative ways to match students with individualized instruction that helps them succeed academically.


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