Building Better Professional Learning

The Research Partnership for Professional Learning

We are so excited to share with you a copy of RPPL's new brief, Building Better PL: How to Strengthen Teacher Learning by senior researchers Heather Hill and John Papay. The brief was featured in Ed Week this morning. This is the second piece in RPPL’s research series, following our brief from earlier this year, Dispelling the Myths: What the Research Says About Teacher Professional Learning

Please help us in sharing this brief with the PL community, including PL providers and researchers. We also invite you to join us, Heather, and John for a free online event Nov. 16 where we will dig deeper into this research and share important updates on our other work and studies. Let us know what you think about the findings outlined in this brief, and what you think we should examine next. If you're interested in providing partnership or funding related to next steps identified in the brief, please reach out to us.