Brown awards $474,000 to support academic excellence, equity initiatives in Providence schools

News from Brown


Jonathan Collins, an assistant professor of education at Brown and a Public Education Committee member, noted that the Fund is one of a significant number of Brown community initiatives and academic programs that support Providence public schools. He said that, as someone dedicated to a scholarly career in support of educational equity and racial justice, the opportunity to have a direct and immediate impact on students and schools provides an ideal complement to the longer-term impact of his research on urban school reform.

“This has been an important opportunity to collaborate with community leaders and organizers who have been doing the hard work, who have been giving power and a voice to the people the American education system has failed in the past,” Collins said. “It’s an opportunity to be a part of something that, if we do it right and really listen to our community stakeholders and leaders, could turn out to be a special moment in Brown’s history.”


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