Big Obama administration grants for Washington’s worst schools paid off, new study shows

The Seattle Times

By Hannah Furfaro


In the new study, lead researcher Min Sun and her colleagues looked at several types of data, such as student academic performance and graduation rates, at 25 schools in Washington as well as 74 schools in North Carolina, San Francisco and another urban school district that isn’t named. The data spans 2007 to 2017, which includes years before and after the grants were available.

The researchers looked at how student performance and graduation rates changed when the grants arrived, and after they ended, at individual schools. They compared this to trends at comparable schools that didn’t receive grants.

Schools with grants witnessed a leap in student test scores in elementary and middle school, particularly in math. Washington seemed to do better than other places at maintaining these gains after the grant money ended, said Sun, associate professor of education policy at the University of Washington.


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