2022 Annenberg Annual Report

The 2021-’22 academic year has been a rewarding one at the Annenberg Institute, even in the face of great challenges across the world. Here at the Institute, our goal is to reduce the persistent inequalities in access and outcomes for students that result in many students failing to flourish. We draw on the optimism, skills and insights of the Brown students, faculty, and staff for this work, building a community of scholars and change-makers to address today’s most pressing educational issues.

Universities, and Brown in particular, are effective in addressing seemingly intractable problems like educational inequity because they can sustain long-term focus on these pressing questions, and partner with multiple stakeholders toward a shared commitment to positive change. Through our signature strategy of joint faculty hires, faculty research center leads, multi-sector research-practice partnerships, and programs for students, Annenberg brings together diverse thinkers to tackle difficult problems and advance the broader field. Our innovative model for activating knowledge puts high-impact tools in the hands of districts and teachers, making it easy for them to implement practices that are proven to work. Education is a rapidly changing landscape and requires nimble translation of research to practice.

We’ve created this annual report to give you a taste of the work that we have going on at the Institute. We welcome you to read on to learn more about how we are pursuing equitable, transformative education for just and flourishing societies, and then to join us in our work going forward.

We look forward to the coming academic year and to work with you and others to reach these important goals.


Susanna Loeb
Director, Annenberg Institute at Brown University
Professor of Education
Professor of International and Public Affairs