Brown University’s K-12 Tutoring Initiative

Brown University’s K-12 Tutoring Initiative mobilizes Brown students to provide free tutoring to students in participating Rhode Island schools.

Rhode Island students that are interested in connecting remotely with Brown student tutors can also connect through the Tutor Matching Service, a nationally recognized tutoring platform that matches university and college students with students who need tutoring support for remote tutoring.

The COVID-19 pandemic has widened existing educational inequities, impacting students in significant ways. With students learning remotely or in hybrid formats, there is a heightened need for one-on-one instruction around specific topics or curriculum areas, but teachers’ resources are stretched thin. One-on-one tutoring is a powerful educational intervention that can support students’ academic, social and emotional needs. However, this resource is often available only to families who can afford to pay for it. We hope to provide support to students and act as another resource to school districts through this tutoring initiative.

Anneberg is working with several Brown University student groups to partner directly with schools in Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls in order to provide high-impact tutoring. High-impact tutoring is defined as one-on-one tutoring, or tutoring in small groups, 3 times a week. Our hope is to create an efficient tutoring program where Brown Students can provide tutoring and mentorship on K-12 campuses and become a part of the fabric of the schools where they are providing academic coaching.

This initiative was created through a University collaboration with the ​Annenberg Institute and the ​Swearer Center. The Annenberg Institute’s core mission is to equalize and improve educational opportunities, while the Swearer Center’s primary goal is to make experiential learning central to a Brown student’s education. Fulfilling the goals of both entities, our program provides an impactful resource to students in the Providence community, and also gives Brown students an opportunity for meaningful public service.

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