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The COVID-19 global crisis has more-than-ever, brought educational inequities to the forefront of education-related decisions being made by districts across the country.

Brown University is in a unique position by which to provide educational interventions to improve children’s academic, social and even economic outcomes, via online tutoring, a resource that historically, has only been only available to students whose families can pay-to-learn.

Brown University’s online tutoring program is a free resource and service for students of current partner K-12 schools offered through the ​Annenberg Institute, the ​Swearer Center ​and Tutor Matching Services​.

As set forth in the Annenberg Institute’s ​mission​, our conviction is that improved educational equality leads to enriched opportunities for children and youth, ultimately contributing to more just and flourishing societies. Coupled with the Swearer Center’s belief that public service and experiential learning are essential components of Brown’s educational mission and through its foundational components of ​community engagement, engaged scholarship, and social innovation​, we strongly believe this program will have positive implications including higher graduation rates, higher rates of matriculation into a four-year university, higher grades on standardized testing, more positive attitude towards school and life, and higher self-esteem.

Brown University Online Tutoring

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Brown University online tutoring is currently available to K-12 students
Brown University K-12 Tutoring Initiative

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