Brown University Online Tutoring

Brown University Online Tutoring

Brown University’s K-12 Tutoring Initiative is mobilizing Brown students to provide free tutoring to students in participating Providence schools. The program is facilitated by Tutor Matching Service, a nationally recognized tutoring platform that matches university and college students with students who need tutoring support.

Brown students interested in becoming tutors can sign up here. Eligible Brown students may be able to be compensated through the Federal Work-Study program. Eligible PPSD students and their families can find tutors here TMS/Brown K12 Online Tutoring Initiative.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has widened existing educational inequities, impacting students in significant ways. With students learning remotely or in hybrid formats, there is a heightened need for one-on-one instruction around specific topics or curriculum areas, but teachers’ resources are stretched thin. Online one-on-one tutoring is a powerful educational intervention that can support students’ academic, social and emotional needs. However, this resource is often available only to families who can afford to pay for it.

By making free tutoring available to every K-12 student in participating schools, our program aims to level the playing field and lead to more positive outcomes for all students. These improved outcomes may include higher scores on standardized tests, higher high school graduation rates, higher levels of matriculation to a four-year college or university, more positive attitudes towards school and life, and higher self-esteem. 

This initiative was created through a University collaboration with the ​Annenberg Institute, the ​Swearer Center ​and Tutor Matching Service​. The Annenberg Institute’s core mission is to equalize and improve educational opportunities, while the Swearer Center’s primary goal is to make experiential learning central to a Brown student’s education. Fulfilling the goals of both entities, our program provides an impactful resource to students in the Providence community, and also gives Brown students an opportunity for meaningful public service. 

Please visit our ​online tutoring platform​ to meet our tutors. To learn more about our program, please email Anneneberg Education Coordinator ​​Soljane Martinez.


What should go in the search box for “school” on the Tutor Matching Service website? 
Fill that box with “Brown University K-12 Tutoring Initiative,” not the school you attend. 

When I search for tutors, I find tutors who charge for their services. How do I find free tutors?
Make sure you put “Brown University K-12 Tutoring Initiative” in the “school” search box. Otherwise, you will access tutors who charge for their time on the Tutor Matching Service site. These tutors are not part of our program. 

How do I know if my school has access to the free tutoring service offered by Brown students? 
All Providence Public School District elementary and middle school students are eligible to sign up for this tutoring service. 

I would like help with coursework in different subject areas — can I reserve a tutor for English and a tutor for Math? 
Yes, Brown University tutors cover a wide array of academic content and courses. You are able to schedule as many sessions as you like covering multiple subjects, based on tutor availability. Some tutors are bilingual and can offer sessions in multiple languages as well. 

How do I reserve time with a tutor? 
Simply visit our platform, choose the tutor you feel is the best match for you and view their calendar of availability. Once your session is booked you will receive an email containing access information for your session.

My Providence-area school isn’t yet participating in this partnership. Where can I find information about signing up?
To learn more about our program, please email Anneneberg Education Coordinator ​Soljane Martinez.

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