The Leduc Bioimaging Facility is open to all investigators, providing equipment and training dedicated to high-resolution imaging in the life sciences. It is visited by approximately 100 middle school and high school students yearly. For many students, this is their first visit to a university/first contact with scientific research. The facility includes a Transmission Electron Microscope, a Scanning Electron Microscope, three Fluorescence Microscopes, a Fluorescence Stereomicroscope, four Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes, a Multiphoton Microscope, and software for image analysis.

Mind Lab is a permanent space at Providence Children's Museum where children, caregivers and researchers explore the process of learning. Activities in Mind Lab vary depending on the day. Visitors might participate in ongoing research by the Museum or by collaborators at Brown University and Providence College about how children’s thinking and learning develops. Or they might engage in self-directed activities that illustrate specific ways that kids learn through play and exploration.