Our network currently has 103 total members and affiliates, including 6 members, 26 affiliates+, 57 affiliates, and 7 districts.

Affiliates get early access to our research findings and our literature reviews of research. They also get sneak peeks at the shared measures, tools, and resources we are creating to help conduct professional learning research. As part of the RPPL network, affiliates are invited to our learning opportunities, such as our monthly Brown Bag Lunches, topical conversations with researchers, and our webinars.

We ask affiliates to share what RPPL is learning with their teams and networks and to share with us what they are discovering that is relevant to our learning agenda. Due to ongoing interest, we open applications for the next cohort of affiliates twice a year. This page will be updated when the next application period opens. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on affiliate membership and participation.