RPPL Studies: 2023-25 Portfolio

While research shows that effective professional learning (PL) can improve teacher practice and student outcomes, as a field, we have struggled to develop teacher learning opportunities that translate into improved student outcomes at scale. To meet these challenges, we must accelerate our learning about PL and expand our understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and why.

RPPL outlined a learning agenda when we launched our work together in the summer of 2021. We are building out a portfolio of studies grounded in the focus areas of the learning agenda that will come together to provide insights into how to scale effective PL in key areas of practice. The studies represent our collective action towards this agenda.

If successful, the studies will help us and the field understand what works in PL and lead PL providers to align their practices/models to our evidence-based findings. Our goal is to transform teacher learning and practice to ensure that all students—especially those from historically marginalized groups—learn rigorous content and thrive in equitable schools.

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