Cohort 1, Class of 2019

Cohort 1, Class of 2019 Cohort 1, Class of 2019 (from left to right): Oscar Rousseau, Claire Heiden, Joshua Bricker, Krista Stapleford, Eric Solomon, Anna Bogdanok, María Nicole Bolaños, Lauren Fung, Emily Reed, and Annenberg Postdoctoral Research Associates: Kathleen Lynch and Jing Liu

Anna Bogdanok is a rising junior from Kyiv, Ukraine concentrating in Economics and Education Studies. At Brown, she is a group tutor for various economics classes, a research assistant for Dr. Rauscher’s project on income inequality, VP Philanthropy for the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, a teaching assistant for Educ 800: Introduction to Education, and will be a lab assistant for Econ 1620: Introduction to Econometrics in the fall. As an Annenberg Fellow she works with the Miami Dade County Data to better understand how principals evaluate their teachers.

María Nicole Bolaños, originally from Los Angeles, California, is a rising junior concentrating in Education studies. At Brown, she is Publicity Chair of MEChA, the Spanish Editor for the SOMOS Literary Magazine, and works closely throughout the year with the Brown Center for Students of Color serving as a Minority Peer Counselor for students on campus. At Annenberg, she is working with student absenteeism data from the San Francisco Public School District in order to better understand the potential impacts of student-teacher race match on student outcomes and absence rates within schools.

Joshua Bricker is a rising sophomore concentrating in Physics and Public Policy at Brown. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he spends his time on campus working closely with Generation Citizen to expand access to civic education in public schools, writing for the Science and Research section of the Brown Daily Herald, researching with the Brown Institute for Policy, and is a Bonner Community Fellow. At Annenberg, he works with the Stanford Education Data Archive to both map student achievement and understand variation in achievement across the United States.

Lauren Fung is a rising sophomore from the San Francisco Bay Area, studying Economics and Public Policy. Currently she is an intern at the Transcending Through Education Foundation, which provides incarcerated individuals with sustainable pathways to higher education. At Brown, she is Business Director of Tink Knit, is heavily involved with housing outreach, and serves as an Equity Officer for the Brown Debate Union. At Annenberg, she is working with student absenteeism data from the San Francisco School District to better understand the effects of race match on student outcomes.

Claire Heiden is a rising junior from Vienna, Virginia concentrating in Economics. At Brown, she leads the Women’s Entrepreneurship team of the Entrepreneurship Program, serves on Meiklejohn Leadership, contributes as an Associate Editor of the Brown Journal of World Affairs, and represents undergraduates on the Brown Community Council. As an Annenberg Undergraduate Fellow she works with SEDA data to map achievement at a metropolitan level across the US.

Emily Reed, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, is a rising sophomore studying Public Policy and Africana Studies. She is an active member of Brown’s theater community and has performed in musicals produced by Musical Forum and Brown University Gilbert and Sullivan. She is also a member of Shades of Brown, an a cappella group on campus. At Annenberg, she is working with data from San Francisco Public Schools to understand if student-teacher race match has an impact on student absenteeism.

Oscar Rousseau is a rising junior from Brussels, Belgium concentrating in International and Comparative Political Science. At Brown, he spends his time conducting research under Professor Schrank on the pharmaceutical industry’s development in the Global South, is a senior editor for the Brown Jug, and a jazz musician. At Annenberg, he researches the impact and relationship of various environmental factors on geographic variations in achievement across the US using the Stanford Education Data Archive.

Eric Solomon is a rising junior at Brown concentrating in Applied Mathematics/Economics and Education Studies. He is from Canton, Massachusetts. At Brown, he conducts group tutoring in statistics and will TA Principles of Economics the coming school year. At Annenberg, he is working with data from the Miami-Dade Public Schools district to better understand how principals evaluate their teachers.

Krista Stapleford is originally from Anchorage, Alaska and is a rising junior studying Economics and Public Policy. At Brown, she leads the Lead Pipes Research Project for the Brown Institute for Policy, serves as the Editor for the Editorial Page Board of the Brown Daily Herald, and is a teaching assistant for ECON 1629: Applied Research Methods. Additionally, Krista serves on the Student Equity and Diversity Council, is a Residential Peer Leader, and is a clarinetist in the Brown Wind Symphony. At Annenberg, she is working on a research project with the SEDA data to map student achievement across the US, with the goal of eventually achieving a better understanding of the factors that contribute to geographic variation in student achievement.