Annenberg’s Rhode Island education research initiatives aim to produce nationally impactful research by drawing on the complementary expertise and earned trust of partners. We co-construct research agendas and specific projects with local partners and aim to build a knowledge base that improves schools and student experiences across the state.


Our Approach



Generate evidence that will be used for local decision-making and policy processes.

We want to analyze and synthesize data to provide deeper insights for local leaders. This high-quality evidence can help improve decision making for LEAs across the state.


Increase capacity for improvement of education systems within focus areas.

Our research initiatives aim to support local systems so that they can obtain and utilize data to continually improve opportunities for their students.


Build tools and local solutions that embed data and evidence in routine practice.

Our priority is to use our skills and knowledge to strengthen local systems by prioritizing local needs and building on assets within our LEAs and state systems.


Create partnerships that improve schools while producing nationally impactful research.

All our work is grounded in the partnerships we build with local leaders. But, we believe that the work taking place in Rhode Island could benefit the entire educational system. We want our local partnerships to lead the way in research and insights that make a national impact.