Using content from our design principles brief, Advancing Student Learning and Opportunity through Voluntary Academic Summer Programs, this toolkit offers facilitator resources for strategy sessions and workshops aimed at creating more effective summer learning programs for K-12 students.

The toolkit includes an introductory slide deck and individual decks covering five topics: students, personnel, program structure, content, and measurement & assessment. Embedded within each slide deck are goals, discussion questions, next steps, and planning tools.

In each slide deck, content on research evidence connects to an example from the Woonsocket Education Department, a small, urban LEA in Rhode Island. This example provides a lens to examine how the design principles can work in a local context.

This toolkit was developed in partnership with Tennessee SCORE and TNTP. While the corresponding tools were originally developed by SCORE and TNTP for Tennessee LEAs, the content and goals for summer programs are generally transferable across states.