Director of Research and Evaluation - Research Partnership for Professional Learning

The Annenberg Institute at Brown University is hiring a Director of Research and Evaluation to support the Research Partnership for Professional Learning (RPPL). Annenberg works to understand the causes and consequences of educational inequality and to reduce this inequality through innovative, multidimensional, and research-informed approaches. Specifically, this position will support our work with the Research Partnership for Professional Learning (RPPL), a partnership that brings together professional learning organizations and researchers who study teacher learning to conduct rigorous research, support shared learning across member organizations, and build research infrastructure to develop an ecosystem to improve PL across the country. RPPL’s central goal is to rethink how we learn about teacher PL, shifting from studies that explore whether a specific program works to a broader learning agenda designed to identify which PL design features improve teachers’ instructional practice and, as a result, students’ classroom experiences, well-being, and academic growth. RPPL’s research focuses on rigorous quantitative approaches to developing causal evidence about the impact of program features to support the design of better professional learning. RPPL centers equity in its work, focusing in particular on supporting the learning of teachers who work with students from historically marginalized groups.

RPPL’s Director of Research and Evaluation will be responsible for leading empirical research and evaluation studies at RPPL in collaboration with a team of senior researchers and research staff. With RPPL Leadership, the Director will prioritize research studies, identify research opportunities, work with partner organizations, and lead a team of RPPL researchers to execute on these studies. The Director will also lead reporting on and dissemination of research findings growing out of RPPL studies. This position will supervise research staff and contribute to RPPL research leadership structure. The role also involves collaborating with RPPL central staff and network members to design and execute on research studies and support ecosystem learning and development activities.

Successful candidates will have a strong background in education research and specifically in teacher professional learning, with substantial experience in research management, research design, and managing field experiments. Ideal candidates will have experience in building productive research partnerships across multiple organizations. Candidates must possess a commitment to equity and a willingness and ability to support and promote a diverse and inclusive campus community as part of an organization that centers equity in its work.

For more information, contact John Papay (, Heather Hill ( or Nate Schwartz ( Salary is commensurate with experience.