Director of Quality and Improvement

About the National Student Support Accelerator

The National Student Support Accelerator’s (the Accelerator) mission is to expand high-impact tutoring opportunities for all K-12 students in need. The Accelerator is a research-based, field-building organization that seeks to drive scaling and continual improvement in the quality of tutoring.

The Accelerator began with a group of educators convening on the issue of COVID-19 learning loss and the potential of tutoring as a solution. Currently the Accelerator is a program within the Annenberg Institute at Brown University but may become an independent entity once established.

The Accelerator plans to execute in the following areas to achieve its mission:

  • Facilitate implementation by:
    • Developing research-based tools and technical assistance for districts to select, implement and continuously improve tutoring programs and for tutoring organizations to scale with quality;
    • Establishing standards and a system of assessing quality of tutoring programs against standards.
  • Catalyze the field of tutoring by:
    • Building a community of practice;
    • Coordinating and leading research, continuous improvement and learning about what drives impact;
    • Developing a variety of pilot sites designed to learn about effectiveness and implementation.
  • Build engagement across stakeholders through direct outreach and sharing research outcomes and success stories.

About the Position

Reporting to the Director, the Director of Quality and Improvement will be accountable for all aspects of the Accelerator’s tool development and technical assistance including:

  • Actively participate in the Accelerator’s Leadership Team
  • Develop and execute the Accelerator’s tool development and technical assistance strategy, goals and objectives and drive the annual operating plan
  • Develop and manage a Practitioner Community of Practice and Tutoring Educator Advisory Group to inform the Accelerator’s work
  • Lead the development of a Tutoring Quality Improvement System including developing a set of accepted standards for high-impact tutoring and additional tools as needed in the field
  • Provide and oversee light-touch technical assistance at the SEA and LEA level for tutoring selection and implementation
  • Hire, onboard, and co-develop appropriate goals for the Quality and Improvement Manager and Program Associate
  • Actively promote a diverse and inclusive environment through modeling, practices and operational systems

Primary Responsibilities

Leadership and Organizational Development:

  • Contribute to the Accelerator’s overall strategy development and implementation;
  • Lead, manage and support quality and improvement staff including at least one Quality and Improvement Program Associate to co-create and achieve accountabilities and priorities and grow and develop professionally;
  • Ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are embedded throughout the Accelerator’s internal and external tool development and technical assistance operations;
  • Lead in the development and implementation of tool development and technical assistance systems, policies, and procedures.

Strategy & Management:

  • Lead the Accelerator’s tool development strategy development and implementation;
  • Lead the Accelerator’s technical assistance strategy development and implementation;
  • Lightly coordinate technical assistance efforts of the field;
  • Lead the strategic marketing of tools and technical assistance;
  • Develop and oversee a diverse practitioner community of practice and Tutoring Educator Advisory Group;
  • Build consensus around standards for high-quality tutoring and oversee the development and implementation of the Tutoring Quality and Improvement System;
  • Identify additional tools needed in the field and oversee their development and dissemination.

Engagement and Communications

  • Support fundraising efforts and donor relations.
  • Lead efforts to ensure tools and technical assistance meet the needs in the field, are widely accessible and positioned to ensure awareness and take-up.

Core Skills & Capacities

Experience: Bachelor’s degree (field open) and 7+ years of public education experience with a focus on district operations, teaching, or technical assistance.
Knowledge: An understanding of US school systems and research on student learning and well-being.
Passion: Passion for driving equitable education outcomes for all students and specifically for high-impact tutoring.
Strategic Thinker: Able to assess trends and their impact on the Accelerator’s work and develop appropriate strategies for success.
Execution: Passionate about and excellent aptitude for getting things done. Able to step in proactively and make progress where others are not.
Customer Service Orientation: Strives to deeply understand customer needs and design tools and technical assistance to meet those needs. Works to exceed customer expectations.
Lived Experience: Understands the experience of students that the organization seeks to serve.
Commitment to Addressing Issues of Race & Equity: Demonstrates an active commitment to viewing their work through an equity and inclusion lens and finding and supporting opportunities to address issues of structural racism and economic inequity.
Communicator: Listens deeply for understanding, strong written and oral communication skills and errs on the side of over communicating progress, success, and challenges.
Problem-solver: Identifies issues early and leads collaborative, analytical decision-making with data-driven evidence.
Coaching Approach: Firmly believes in the potential of all people to learn and grow, experience being able to identify and support strengths and provide accessible advice to address challenges.
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Recognizes that the Accelerator is a new organization and is committed to continuous improvement, entrepreneurial thinking, and high adaptability.

Preferred: Fluency in Spanish.